5 recipes to get rid of black knees and elbow

Causes of blackness of knees and elbows

There area unitmany reasons and factors resulting inthe matter of blackness within the areas of knees and elbows and even alternative areas of the body, the foremostvital of which:

Exposure to daylight

The atmosphere is dry.

Continuous friction, like friction with vesture or land.

Frequent movement of joints and sweating.

Genetic factors.

Use a number of the over-the-counter medications to extendanimal pigmentwithin the skin.

don't rub these areas with the elbows throughout bathing.

vitamin A deficiency.

The presence of dead or broken skin

To get obviate buckets and knees

Periodic peeling continuously peel the realm of the elbow and knee often to eliminate the buildup of dead cells and also the roughness of the feel. Use atiny lowthereforeft brush for purpose and don'texaggeratethe realm by brushing so as to not cause skin infections and increase in drying. attempt peeling gently and gently with circular movements. Apply peeling once or doubleper week at the newestreckoning on the condition. Use one among your favorite oils with a touch salt and rub these areas gently and so wash with lukewarm water.

You can use moisturizing creams for the aimor just a make-up remover. it'll do the trick. you'll be able toconjointly use honey mask and cocoa butter. it'sterriblyhelpful in giving this spaceplenty of softness.

Hot water and oil Soak the feet nightly in predicamentplace your feet within the water and wash the knees whereas rubbing gently with the tub stone, whenthe tub of heat feet. Dry well with Amygdalus communis oil. it'sa superb bleach for this spacewithin the morning, wash your knees with soap and place your moisturizing cream thereon, and use a lightening cream for the skin. you'll be able to apply it to the 2 cups.

lemon lemon is thought for its huge ability to lighten the dark areas of the skin, cut the lemon into halves and so kneel your knees

And your hosts often.

Olive oil and salt Use oil with salt to rub the realm for per weekwhenthatyou'll be able to add "glycerol" for softness.

Water Drink lots of water as a result of water is best for skin skin normally.

Care to forestall the repetition of darkness ought to kneel gently once praying and not pressing on the 2 cups.

Castor oil and glycerine uses physic and glycerine to eliminate the blackness of the knee and elbows

First direction

1 spoon black pepper

one spoon Lemon



We combine them up

And leave them five minutes

Then place them on the elbow or knees and leave them for five to ten minutes

but if we tend to fill that it burn the body we'veto scrub it as a result of it contain pepper

Second direction

1 spoon of Turmeric

half spoon if Vaseline

We combine them up

And place them on the elbow or knee for associate degree hour and 0.5 or for 2 hours when it we'll clean it with heat water

Third direction


White vinegar


Rose water

We combine them up

And place them on the elbow or knee from associate degree hour and 0.5 to 2 hours and if u feel that it burn wipe it

Fourth direction

spoon and 1/2 oat

2 spoon of Lemon

2 spoon of glycerine

We combine them up

And place them on the elbow or knee from associate degree hour then clean it with heat water

Fifth direction

half spoon of Lemon

spoon and 1/2 Coarse salt

spoon and 1/2 Rose water

mix all then And place them on the elbow or knee from 0.5associate degree hour to forty five minutes then clean it with heat water
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