Diet Atkins .. Turning the body into a fat burning machine

Diet Atkins is a diet known by a famous person through social networking pages, "Kim Kardashtian," where she suffered after birth to her child from gaining weight, but decided to organize Ali Diet Atkins and already had the experience and in less than two weeks get rid of about 16 kilos Grams of excess weight, which caused a sensation on social networking pages online.

The Atkins diet is based on manipulation of the nature of cells in the body, as it transforms the body into a fat burning machine, burns all the fat stored in the interstitials. The body of it completely, especially in the early stages of follow-up on this diet, when the imbalance occurs in the body and show some side effects on the human after that the body is forced to burn fat stored in the cells to obtain a source of energy alternative to carbohydrates.

It is worth mentioning that the Atkins diet consists of four stages complement each other and must be under the advice of a specialist to control all the side effects and serious symptoms that appear to man in the first and second stages of the Atkins diet.

The first phase of the Atkins diet

It is called introduction for some it is the most difficult stage because its time the body changes its nature as well as consumes different amounts of food as well as completely prevents carbohydrates.

Important steps to the success of the first stage

• Always prefer not to heat oils and fats on fire, but can add the amount of two tablespoons on the authorities and food.
• It is advised not to eat too much caffeine in tea, nescafe, coffee and other drinks is enough only one or two cups a day.
• Keep eating between 3 to 6 meals a day, preferably a little more than usual to ensure satiety and deprivation during the day

• Preferably there is a space between each meal about three or four hours and can eat a few vegetables allowed only such as tomatoes, lettuce or lemon, balls, watercress and celery.
• Always maintain a large amount of fat and protein in meals to get a source of energy and ensure the movement of the body and the daily tasks without fatigue.
• You should regularly take supplements at the rate of one tablet per day to compensate for the vitamins and minerals that are lost from the body during the Atkins diet.

When will the first stage succeed?

You can get rid of all the instructions in the first stage and move to the second stage of diet Atkins if the remaining weight of the excess of 12 to 15 kg only

The second phase of the Atkins diet

It is called the continuation stage and here we must supply the body with a quantity of carbohydrates, which is about 30 grams of carbohydrates in order to reduce the rate of rapid weight loss.

You can eat a fruit of cucumber or any kind of contraceptives within vegetables attributed only one fruit per day and can also eat two pills of nuts.

When will the second stage succeed?

You should stop following the instructions for the second stage and move immediately to the third stage to the remaining weight only from 5 to 7 kg only.

The third phase of the Atkins diet

It is called pre-weight stabilization, and here should increase the rate of carbohydrate intake to slow down the rate of weight loss and fat burning where it is preferable to eat 40 grams of carbohydrates can be obtained by eating a fruit or a handful of nuts or a plate of salads.

When will the third stage succeed?

The third stage succeeds until the desired weight or ideal weight has been reached.

The fourth stage of the Atkins diet

It is the stabilization phase where the ideal weight is reached or higher by only two or three kilos, then you should focus on following the Atkins diet and taking it as a way of life, where you must regularize on the measurement of weight and if the weight increases should reduce the proportion of carbohydrates and the less weight can eat an appropriate amount of Carbohydrates.

Prohibited foods in the Atkins diet

• Whole grains such as rice, pasta, baked goods, pastries and bread are strictly forbidden especially in the first and second phase of the Atkins diet.
• Sugar of all kinds.
• Hero fruits and juices.
• Nuts and dried fruits are completely contraband.
• All vegetables except tomatoes, lemons, balls, watercress and lettuce.
• Full-fat dairy of all kinds and all derivatives.
• Legumes such as beans, lentils, etc.

Foods allowed in the Atkins diet

• All types of fish as well as meat and chicken can be eaten in any amount of all stages of the Atkins diet.
• Eggs because they contain a very large percentage of protein is important for the body during the follow-up on the Atkins weight loss system.
• Oils and fats are allowed during the day by only four tablespoons.
• You can eat 20 grams of brown rice.
• Some types of vegetables.
• Can eat some types of fruits such as cranberries and strawberries.
• Spices are allowed, shatta and spices as well as ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and mustard.

Atkins diet damage

Despite the immediate and wonderful result that can be achieved when regular on the Atkins diet, but there are serious damage that can occur to humans affect him and public health and can develop into death or cardiac arrest.

• Atkins diet contains a very low percentage of natural fibers, resulting in severe and chronic constipation, especially in the first and second phase of the Atkins diet can develop to the injury of hemorrhoids, causing pain is very annoying.
• The incidence of bad breath throughout the period in which it regulates the Atkins diet as a result of the release of ketone hormone, which is active in the body as a result of low carbohydrates in the body.
• Increase in cholesterol and body fat percentage in a short period of time, to increase the rate of protein and oils consumed daily, which causes the accumulation of fat on the walls of blood vessels and arteries and this results in a sharp rise in blood pressure.
• Continuous nausea, fatigue and constant fatigue for hours.

List of persons prohibited from following Atkins diet

• Pregnant and lactating women are strictly prohibited from dieting Atkins, because it is an incomplete diet and loses a lot of important vitamins and nutrients which may affect the health of the mother, fetus and infants.
• Women who suffer from hormonal imbalance or irregular menstrual cycle or even interrupted for a considerable period.
• Children under 16 years of age are strictly prohibited from following Atkins diet because at this age you should eat whole meals containing all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients to ensure normal growth without any defect.
• People with heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes, as well as those suffering from kidney and liver diseases.
• Older women and men need integrated nutrition.

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