why i don't lose weight ???

Many people cut backthe quantity of food
they assumethat's a reason to slim down
And in factit's not true
Today we'llsaythe foremostvital reasons for why u do notslim down

1- once u eat one or 2 time within the day your body won'trealize any issue to burn

2 - once u neglect the essential breakfast

3- once u do not drink 6:9 cups of water per day to make-up your body with what it lost

4- Delaying the dates of ingestionon a daily basiscan let your burning burn slowly and cause the buildup of fat in your body

5- don't exercise or maybe walk from 15:30 minutes each2 days as your body burns quicker

6- Lack of sleep and sleep throughout the day or whenthe amount and it'llcreate u Magyarorszag all the time
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