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There area unitmany ladieswho are suffering from weak nails, dry and fast to bombard, furthermore as they realize it tough to prolong, and this causes them discomfort as a result ofa part ofthe sweetness of the girl is completed within the addict.

Nail Care methodology

Remove the dirt and clean the nails with a special brush

Refreshing nails once every week

Eat foods containing vitamins, proteins and minerals

Do not bite your nails with teeth

Do not overuse the nails because it weakens the nails

Causes of nail growth disorders

The rate of nail growth depends on many factors. it's the quickest growing within the summer and depends on age. Nails area unitquicker growing in young age. Sex conjointlyencompasses a role in it; nails area unitquicker in males and different causes Nail growth and health:

Zinc deficiency.


Diseases that cause high temperatures, likemorbilli.

Exposing nails to hot water; it causes xerotesand so flakes.

Nail bites; this habit slows nail growth, inflictingtrauma and pain to the encompassingspace.

Use artificial nails.

A set of tips to stay your nails white in any respect times

1. don't use an excessive amount of alcohol and dissolver.

2. Before exploitation the knife, place a clear layer on them.

3 - you'll use lemon and milk to get rid ofthe consequences of the mask.

4. ensureto chop your nails eachperioda minimum of.

5 - Use Vaselineto offer your nails softness.

6. Use aperientto assist grow your nails quickly.

7 - dry your hands well when exposure to water.

8 - Drink a glass of milk every dayto keep up the proportion of metalneeded for you.

9 - Eat vitamins area unit enough to nourish your nails and hair furthermore.

10 - Roll your hands and nails with natural oils before hour.

First instruction


half cup of water


we will place the lemon on water and dip the comprehend it then we'llplace the cotton over our nails then rub it then leave it to dry we'llbuild this four times daily

Second instruction

Egg yolk



mix all then place them on nails associated rub it and leave it [*fr1] an hour then wash it

Third instruction


rose water


put them flaminguntil get heat then placed on them apple vinegar then place in iceboxassociated leave it [*fr1]associate hour then place it on nails and rub it and leave it on nails [*fr1] an hour then wash it

Fourth instruction

Coconut oil and oil have vital nutrients that strengthen nails and skin, lemon acts as a natural lightening agent removes stains and leaves shiny nails.

coconut oil

olive oil


mix them then place our nails in it fifteen min. then wash it with heat water

Fifth instruction

4 garlic cloves place them in chopper then squeeze it to induce it garlic water and find teeth brush and place it within the garlic water then rub the nails by the comb daily at the hours of darkness and leave it and within the morning wash it

Sixth instruction

It is a natural and soft recipes that facilitate to strengthen the nails and maintain their wet and softness, egg yolks with a teaspoon of vegetable oilin an exceedingly clean port, yell combiningingredient with welland so your nails area unit painted, leave the mixture to dry utterlyand so wash with lukewarm water, repeat The instructioncanassist you to strengthen your nails and keep them damp.

Seventh instruction

Heat the oila touch, then let it settle down. Then we tend toplace our nails within the oil and massage it for four whole minutes. Then we tend to wipe the nails and dry them. Then moisten them with a cotton swab wet with perfumeyou'llbuild this instruction daily before hour. Special to the standard of the skin of your hands

Eighth instruction

Mix a teaspoon of avocado oil with 3 drops of aromatic lavender oil, and use them as a nail oil for five minutes once every week. Apply a moisturizing cream to your skin whenevery use.

Ninth instruction

You can use lemon diluted with water as an answer to massage the nails to strengthen it 3 times every day or a lot of the maximum amount as potential. With the employment of hand moisturizer when every use

Tenth instruction

You can massage your nails exploitationjuice and Vaseline for 10 full minutes, then wash it with repetition of the instruction for many times and don't forget my girlemploying a hand moisturizing cream.
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