Fat burning soup

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Healthy soup recipes for weight loss


- Vegetable oil: a pair of tbsp
- Cabbage: five cups (minced)
- tomatoes: a pair of tablets (large / naked as a jaybird and chopped)
inexperienced onions: three omelets (minced)
- Garlic: a pair of (mashed)
- Carrots: one grain (large size / minced cubes)
- celery: 0.5 cup (minced)
- Salt: 0.5 a teaspoon
- Black pepper: 1/4 teaspoon
- Hot water: four cups

How to prepare

1. Heat the oil in an exceedinglymassivepan over medium heat.

2. Add mashed garlic, cutonion, celery, and blend hearts for ten minutes till ingredients soften.

3. Add cut tomatoes, cabbage, cut carrots, and heart for ten minutes.

4. Add salt, pepper and water and blend to boil.

5. cut backthe warmthand canopy the pot and leave ablaze for twenty minutes till the ingredients arbarbecued.

6. Feet hot with a parsley.

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